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Froebel Archive

The archive and the library

These two departments are the heart of the museum. Among the archival treasures there is a substantial number of manuscripts from Froebel and his fellows, especially from the time of the foundation of the kindergarten in 1840 until his death in 1852. The manuscripts preserved comprise:

  • about 235 letters of Froebel, over 40 drafts of letters written by him and about 370 notepads
  • about 1000 letters addressed to Froebel


Among the most valuable inventories are the handwritten manuscript about the “Menschenerziehung” (Education of men) from 1826 and Froebel’s personal copy with handwritten annotations, printed and led by the bookbinder.

The library contains approx. 3000 volumes of national and international secondary literature about Froebel. The following writings by Froebel should be highlighted:

  • first edition of “Menschenerziehung” (Education of men) from 1826
  • documents about the development and first edition of the “Mutter- und Koselieder” (Lullabies) from 1844
  • printed edition of "Hundert Lieder für das Spiel mit dem Ball" (Hundred songs for playing with the ball) from 1844



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