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Princely worlds of experience castle Schwarzburg

Pantheon and hall of the forefathers

Situated on the spur of a mountain flowed round by the river Schwarza there are the remnants of a castle with the same name. It was first mentioned in a document as a permanent residence of a count of Schwarzburg in 1123. After the baroque reconstructions of the 18th century when the castle developed into a summer residence and favourite hunting lodge of the princes of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, the reconstruction into a “Reichsgästeheim” (a guesthouse of the Reich) begun in 1940 and was interrupted in 1943. This unfinished project left the formerly impressive castle as an abandoned construction site.

The emperor’s hall

The baroque building of the emperor’s hall with the neighbouring garden terrace is the only part of the castle ensemble that has been restored and opened to the public up to now. It was erected between 1713 and 1719 in relation with the ennoblement of the counts of Schwarzburg in 1710. This higher social position was architecturally and sculpturally expressed by the impressive emperor’s hall above the garden hall on the ground floor. As the pantheon and hall of forefathers of the whole Schwarzburgian dynasty it depicts at the same time among the pictures of emperors of the Holy Roman Empire from Julius Cesar to Karl V also king Guenther XXI of Schwarzburg (1304-1349) as an ancestor of the house of Schwarzburg who only reigned for a few month. A ceiling painting at the well-lit cupola’s area referring to the founding legend of the house of Schwarzburg crowns the emperor’s hall.

The exhibitions

Apart from the emperor’s hall, you can visit two exhibitions on the ground and intermediate floor with their historic apartments. The exhibitions deal with the history of the Schwarzburgian dynasty and show historic pictures of the castle as well as products of the famous Schwarzburgian manufactory for porcelain art.

The exhibitions are designed under the responsibility of the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg, the visitor’s service is carried out by the booster club “Schloss Schwarzburg e.V.” Since 1994 the buildings of the emperor’s hall as well as the whole castle grounds have been part of The Palace, Castle and Gardens Trust of Thuringia.


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