Rococo en miniature - Musikergruppe
Rococo en miniature

The palaces of the praised island

With the exhibition located at the vaults of the former princely court kitchen, the visitor gains an insight into the exciting and varied world of the 18th century. The inhabitants of the miniature palaces take you to a foreign world. You may discover ingeniously invented and perfectly carried out details bearing witness of an impressive knowledge about the courtly ceremony, architecture and fashion.

Buildings in proper style on a scale of 1:50

Starting point of this unique miniaturised world is a role play by its creators that began more than 50 years ago. Gerhard Baetz and Manfred Kiedorf have been seeking perfection with their palaces up to the present day. Every parquet floor is laid out true-to-life and every painting is executed in proper style. Even the smallest drawer in the cabinet wardrobes can be opened and its inside admired (with a magnifier). The exhibition focuses on:

  • Eulenlust Palace
  • Perenz Palace
  • The Crown Prince’s Palace Musenhofen
  • The Hunting Lodge Dyona
  • The Court Kitchen of the Kingdom of Dyonien
  • The Cloister of St. Schlaeuch

Hundreds of figures in any situation of life

Do you know Tulde Geiffermeier, Rigogros of Ritzentodt or the wig maker Taubennest? The poet says about him: “Wig maker Taubennest conceals with art the poor hair’s rest”. You can discover all of these characters at the exhibition. Every figure has its one personality completed with the name, title and family tree. Among them are:

  • the respective royal household with many attendants (e.g. the Lord Chamberlain Rudolf of Schwatzburg)
  • the royal family of Dyonien and Pelarien
  • the shoeless sisters of the Holy Grude
  • eulogists, defeatists and splendour crushers


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