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The Library of the Palace

Collected knowledge of the centuries

The palace library is located in five rooms on the upper floor of the north and west wing of Heidecksburg Palace. Restored partially in the style of the 18th century as it is delivered to the posterity, the rooms were reopened in 1992. Only for the short period from 1778 to 1799 the library was the »Upper Court Library«. For this reason, the rooms were specially furnished and can be seen as part of an overall concept together with the painting cabinet and other collection parts. As a typical library of the enlightenment it combined a historically grown collection of books of the principality of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt with a stock of contemporary literature as well as periodicals and almanacs from about 1800. The library comprises approximately 7,000 books with a focus on:

  • natural sciences
  • perception of the ancient world
  • architecture
  • literature of around 1800
  • princely stables
  • collection of engraved gems and others

Our virtual tour gives you an insight into the palace library, which is otherwise only accessible on a few special tours a year.