Thüringer Wald: hier entdecken Sie Thüringen

The Deep Well

From a depth of 60 metres: Water for the palace

At the entrance of the northern wing there are a few stairs leading down to the vault of the well. Here you find a well 60 metres deep which was first mentioned in a document of 1512 but it is likely to be much older. The well was essential for the water supply of the late medieval castle. Experienced miners had to sink the well through Zechstein rock formations until they reached the water line of the Saale river.

The water supply of the palace

After 1530, the water supply of Heidecksburg palace stabilized since water was supplied by help of wooden conduits from the villages Mörla and Eichfeld. As a result the »deep well« lost more or less its function was therefore closed in 1790. As late as of 1973 the well was again uncovered and opened as a new attraction to the public. A small exhibition shows findings discovered at the well and provides information about the water supply of Heidecksburg Palace.