Thüringer Wald: hier entdecken Sie Thüringen

Virtual tours through Heidecksburg Palace

With modern technology through historic walls

Explore areas that are not fully accessible...or relive exhibitions from home – this is possible by the use of state-of-the-art technology. Follow us virtually through the premises and click your way from point to point.

The castle library is located in five rooms on the upper floor of the north-west wing of Heidecksburg Palace. The restored rooms were reopened in 1992 in accordance with the partially preserved furnishings of the 18th century. It existed here only for the historically short period from 1778 to 1799 as the »Upper Court Library«, which was conceived as a total work of art in specially furnished rooms in connection with the picture cabinet and other parts of the collection. As a typical library from the Age of Enlightenment, it combined the historically grown book collection of the Princely House of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt with a stock of contemporary literature from around 1800 as well as periodicals and almanacs.

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Visitors of the exhibition »Rococo en miniature« in the former vault of the princely court kitchen will discover an exciting and multifaceted world in the style of the 18th century. The inhabitants of the miniature castles transport you into a mysterious world. Again and again, ingeniously thought-out and perfectly executed details can be discovered that testify to impressive knowledge of court ceremonial, architecture and costume.

The starting point for this unique world of miniatures is a role-playing game by the two creators that began over 50 years ago. Gerhard Bätz and Manfred Kiedorf have perfected their castles right up to the present day. Every parquet floor has been laid true to life and every single painting has been executed authentically. Even the smallest drawer in the elaborate cabinet can be opened and their inner workings marveled at (with a magnifying glass). The focus of the exhibition is:

Do you already know Tulde Geiffermeier, Rigogros von Ritzentodt or the wigmaker Taubennest? You can discover all these characters in the exhibition. Each has a separate personality with a name, title and pedigree.

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On the website of the Thuringian Porcelain Street you will also find a virtual tour of our porcelain gallery. In the former »Great Court Room« directly in the entrance area of Heidecksburg Palace, the visitor is introduced to the world of »white gold« with characteristic porcelains from the museum's extensive collection.

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